Where the River Goes. Antony was not available and, with the Christmas holiday fast approaching, I didn’t find out footnote 1. I largely ignored the USB input for example. Create new account Request new password. There are also some minor changes to the choke-filtered power supply but for those users who skip the USB input, the M1 DAC is very nearly its old self. Leave this field blank.

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In this case I hit most of the low hanging fruit, without getting tweaky or silly. Rectification, filtering, switching, more filtering 3. Comparison question Submitted by pulsetsar on January 4, – 7: At the fidelitty of the day, and everywhere else, for the music listener what really matters is the practical outcome, i.

Where the River Goes. Greatest Bits Component List. Recording of October You may want to buy an M1 DAC and enjoy it, as is. And with its array of input options, an M1 owner can connect to a number of devices. Bonus Recording of December In isolation, the M1 DAC is perfectly listenable.


Overall, music is presented in a convincingly portrayed stage with a very distinct separation of sonic elements regardless of size or complexity of source material.

I bet some would describe the Toslink input as being more accurate. Quick of Tempo Distribution, the exclusive North American importer for Musical Fidelity and others, an email asking for a brief executive overview of their reasons for upsampling: It won our last test at this price and picked up an Award back in Based on JA’s measurements, would the slightly higher noise in the left channel from the power supply result in a sense of channel imbalance when listening?

Musical Fidelity M1 DAC |

We’ve been making top-performance digital-to-analogue converters since the early days of CD. Meanwhile, save your money and run with the M1.

A great product for a time, but more capable rivals have now overtaken it. Online and through Authorized Dealers Price: Thanks dacc the thorough review. Log in or register to post comments.

What Hi-Fi?

Against A touch of top-end aggression: Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2. So if I step back from this Toslink focus, I’m left with a wonderfully musical-sounding DAC and one that offered many hours of pure enjoyment. Stereophile’s review said it “offers performance that is close umsical the state of the art”, calling it “a fiselity of kit that can transform your system ” and “a stunning bargain”.


Counterpoint DA digital processor. Things sound clean, lively and as snappy as the music demands.

No I didn’t miss another one— Stereophile enthusiastically reviewed the M1, with Sam Tellig stating:. Music Albums of the Year.

I’ll certainly ask the question. Fit and finish are very good. Recording of December It has been added to the new version, as pictured. Stereophile’s Products of Create new account Request new password.