Post-optimization, we were able to stream Internet content with acceptable quality, but ideally you’ll want to limit the secondary display to applications with static content, like office applications such as e-mail and IM utilities. The notebook was linked to the network via Wi-Fi, while the desktop used a wired Ethernet connection. It reports “TV and video may not work as expected because the video card does not meet the minimum memory requirement of 64 MB of video RAM. More Usage Results and Considerations, Demo vs. In addition, CRT monitors have almost exclusively made way for LCDs, making larger screen sizes relatively affordable. Some will want to, since it using it overwrites anything already in the system’s clipboard.

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Other than the trial version limitations mentioned on the first page, the installer for the purchased version also works differently from the demo version. Checked the device manager and it had failed to start with a code 43 error. After reading some of the changes, I now believe that I want to upgrade instead.

September 20, at 3: The Latest On Tom’s Cluld.

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Not sure what a particular tje term means? Using what Bartels Media calls state-of-the-art compression algorithmsMaxiVista transfers only the changing regions between single frames of the secondary display content over the network.

This network, by the way, is a simplified wireless network in which no one computer is the “boss” and the general rule is share and share alike.


The viewer does not require installation. For this review, I am using the bit Mirror Pro version. In last week’s Windows Desktop Report, I told you about DisplayFusiona tool that provides you with a host of features for working with a multiple-monitor configuration. These computers must be connected through a network. No doubt, almost anyone who has worked on a computer with two monitors will be unwilling to give one of them up.

The problem with MaxiVista…

Since Jaxivista tested MaxiVista on a bit Vista desktop and a bit Windows 7 laptop, I had to download both the and bit versions, which came in zip files of about 5 MB each.

I found it easier at work to just maxiivista multiple monitors attached to a desktop machine. Running old drivers will not be a reasonable maxivjsta for most. From there you can choose another resolution from a long list provided. I wonder if v4 even fixes the Quicktime issues start anything QT or QT related some desktop apps some activex plugs and all your MV desktops go haywire and reset.

Previously, he has worked as Documentation Specialist in the software industry, a Technical Support Specialist in educational industry, and a Technical Journalist in the computer publishing industry.

This is because it does not support hardware overlays. No Longer A Costly Affair.

MaxiVista: Enabling An Extra Monitor Over Your Network

You have to user keyboard of secondary PC…that thw you still need a set of keyboard and mouse…. September 1, at 2: Subscribe to our newsletter.

Let’s take a look. If so, do you think that you will investigate MaxiVista?


Maxivista Review – How to Use a Laptop as a Second Monitor

In either case, the installation procedure of the Server program operates via a standard Wizard interface and consists of several steps. When you install the MaxiVista server, you specify how many extended displays you want to use and the program will generate the appropriate number of viewer programs. October 22, at 5: What this means is that every morning I put my Tablet PC next to my desktop’s screen, rotate the keyboard out of the way… and suddenly I can drag windows from my desktop screen onto my laptop screen.

Other Info love my wacom pen and pressure sensitivity This will allow you to turn any networked system into a second monitor of your primary system.

Also now have 6 screens. There were also a handful instances when the MaxiVista stopped working, a condition which was remedied by shutting down and restarting the server just the program, not the whole system.

October 8, at 8: But the innovative program had an Achilles heel in its lack of support for native Vista graphics drivers, which meant that the only way to extend the desktop of a Vista system was to burden it with antiquated XP drivers.