Though it looks to me like your asking for advice on how to run pirated games that have had the Starforce protection cracked, In which case slap yourself aound the head for being a douche. Ask fat ppl about this stuff. There are methods for getting around it, but haven’t tried any so don’t know how effective they are. And I use virtual CD-Rom like deamon tools. Download from Internet and install driver update – connects to StarForce update server, downloads and installs the protection driver update for the application. IT doesn’t then access the CD again.

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For faster game start use No CD image right?

Please help me delete starforce protection

Complain to the guys who make the games. One of the bonuses of PC gaming has always starfore that the game is installed on the HD, faster loading, Instant gaming, Now its encumbrered srarforce some of the same restrictions as if the game was launched from the CD. All, what I want to say with, my opinion described above is not just yeasty words, it is reality. I don’t see where can you download it except demo for free.

Does anyone know how to remove StarForce protection tools from a full version game to make the game run? Anyone know how to modified it here? After a few seconds the Autorun menu poped up and he clicked on Play.


EXE for earlier versions. The Starforce drivers are often linked to system instability and computer crashes. If a message about driver installation is displayed at the first start of the protected program, then the driver is used.

And get over it. Starforce installs “virtual” drivers, they show up in the device manager, One of the big issues is that this can cause the failure of certain CD drives, certaibnly not all, but enough that people are getting upset in enough numbers to make developers take notice.

Rush and TrackMania Sunrise? For pirated games, where can you get these games from? There is nothing illegal in it, so feel free to download and spread this small rld-sfrt.

And as for how many games are on your PC, so? On our test systems we were very often able to reproduce this software crash issue.

Note though that all cases of unauthorized distribution of StarForce Removal Tool sfdrvrem. I got my Midtown Madness 2 CD damamged luckily I make an image but can’t play the game unless crack is inserted. Taking in and out CD is very inconvinient right? My starfprce bleeds for you. Or if you are peotection a owner of last computer hardware and starforce game started till now without problems, than you can just install update on your stxrforce and you will no more be able to run it from original disk on your computer.


The basic answer is, you can’t copy starforce protected games. And I use virtual CD-Rom like deamon tools. He wanted to show them to me so put a disc in for one of them. This whole thread is really pushing rule 4 the one about not discussing warez.

Everyone want no lagging games right? I use it but didn’t work for L.

Update/Remove driver – StarForce Support

When you install the game the StarForce protection is already in there and if you don’t install the StarForce thing you can’t run the game. That aside, any CD drive no matter how good the brand is only for a certain amount of spins, 99 percent of its life is wasted spinning up and spinning down game cd’s so you can prove your not a theif, How would you feel if everytime you switched on your TV you had to spend 3 minutes proving its yours?

A developer or a publisher of a program decides whether it is necessary to apply protection driver for the application, depending on the required protection level. Need to do excercise? I’d suggest googling for “Bypass starforce”.

My computer have problems running with it.