The installation script will create a directory called easysoft under the directory you specify here, into which all Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver files will be placed. Although this section covers a range of platforms and the precise output may vary from system to system, the installation process is essentially the same. The license text can be found in the file license. How much does your driver conform with the latest ODBC standard? Amend the Database, User and Password attributes in the new odbc.

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What is a license key? If at step 30 you chose to write the licensing information to a file, you still need to complete the licensing procedure before the Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver can be used.

Developer Tools

If you are not using any other Easysoft software then you may remove the path to the common Easysoft shared objects:. Since the very beginning, Easysoft maintained very high standards in the technology that they use. The Unix installation assumes you are, or have available for consultation, a system administrator. Login or create an account to post a review.

This prevents applications reporting a error under these conditions. Where are my licenses stored? Note that although this ensures that transactions are restarted, the visibility of altered rows in other connections can be affected. Select the Client Only installation option to install just the InterBase client.


Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver Knowledge Base Articles

Select the System DSN tab to create a data source which is available to anyone who logs on to this Windows machine.

Flaming or offending other users. The sample database is served by a instance named instance2. You may need to consult your system administrator to do this. If there are other files in the directory tree i.

The View Existing Licenses option will not display any license you obtained during this License Manager session. Each of these methods involves providing Easysoft with information including your machine number a number unique to your eqsysoft and then waiting to receive your license key. If easyysoft want unrestricted use of the software, either via a free time-limited trial license or with a full purchased license, enter y and continue.

The database string contains only the location of the InterBase database. Promote cracked software, or other illegal content.

Normally rmdir will not easusoft directories that contain files, but rm -r will remove all subdirectories along with their contents. Does the InterBase driver provide support for rollback retaining?

dobc-interbase Controls the schema data returned from metadata calls. In Control Panelopen Programs and Features. Amend the Driver and Setup attributes to the reflect the install directory you chose in step The License Manager displays the menu again.


Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver User Guide – Installation

Given the SQL statement. The script prepares to license the product and then asks if you would like to run the License Manager.

The InterBase metadata store contains a value for the Owner or Schema of a table. Thank you so much for your continuous support. Returns the default column type from the SQLColumns statement. The License Manager then sends a request to the Easysoft license server to activate your license key automatically. If the distribution file has been compress ed i.

The installation script will create a directory called easysoft under the directory you specify here, into which all Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver files will be placed.

We highly recommend Odbc-inherbase, their technical support is outstanding and the service we have received from then is both professional and efficient. Choose On-line Request if your machine is connected to the internet and can make outgoing connections to port If you intend to license the software after finishing the installation, odbc-interbasd n and go to Completing the installation.