Have read many reviews on the Ping G15 and will get fitted for one in the immediate future. Sign In Sign Up. With the Serrsano shaft the kick point is unreal for me. If your shaft straightens before impact you need a more flexible shaft. By saevel25 , Wednesday at I spent a couple hours on Saturday at one of the big box golf stores with my existing driver, a Taylormade TP, and a bunch of new ones.

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But the only thing that is holding me back is my swing and a bad habit, nothing to do with the clubs. Some of you young studs might find this no big deal, but age will get you and orthopedic issues can take its toll. G115 not achieve these numbers with any Titlelist or G115 drivers. After putting the driver through a full battery of tests it has certainly made an impression on me.

I had some trouble hitting good shots – I pulled and hooked a lot of them. G20s, even the G25 now, I15s,I20s and Ansers are all way down in price.

I was wondering if you have reviewed the Rapture V2 like you did the G15 and if so which got the better review? I wnt to a demo day at which Nike had the folly of bringing a portable trackman. I had been playing the Di9s this summer, and was hitting them very well.


Every shot kind of felt like a “bonk”. Tried the R9, cobra s2, cleveland dst and a calloway big bertha. Shatts pretty sure thee the Then I stumbled upon a used set of G5s and couldn’t resist buying them.

I know always get your clubs fitted. What’d You Shoot Today?

PING G15 Driver Review (Clubs) – The Sand Trap

Have been playing the G2 for the past years and am ready for the upgrade. I didn’t want to go through the trouble of getting used to the larger clubhead and offset of the G13s. The shape of the head, the face height, shape and heel to toe apperance of the face look identical to the MX Skip to main content.

The second ball I hooked was maybe 8 yards behind the first and still in the fairway, while the flared right ball pinng just off the fairway about even with my good TP drives that I normally hit with a draw. My handicap index is Heavier scarring on the sole but the face is still in great playing condition with nothing at all that will Average scarring on the sole with the face still in excellent playing condition.

We’d love to have you! Pong currently have the i15 irons and love them. I play a lot of tennis and squash and the quality of a more modern technological fro racket without doubt improves your game and I believe this Ping G15 to fit you will pig likewise. Have read many reviews on the Ping G15 and will get fitted for one in the immediate future.


This allows me to really go after the ball. At mph, I want my launch angle to be between 15 and 16 degrees and my spin rate to be between and RPMs. I also have a new Ping G15 I’ll need some more rounds to give a more detailed assessment, but so far, so good.

We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it’s still relevant. Im a 12 handicap with mids ss by the way.

Ping G15 and the “stock option” Aldila shaft – how’s the flex rated?

Check out these tips on the best camera angles for videoing your swing first! I have been playing a launcher in regular and i piny it way to high so i want to get a more boring trajectory if possible. If u put the right swing on this driver then you will outdrive ur prior club by yards.