I have some original Live cards, and they are a decent pci adaptation.. I am the same anonymous as the post above and just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your effort and knowledge.. It is an exception to the almost universal rule that a CT chip on-board means that the board is not a PNP board. The non-Gold AWE64s are cards where you have to do this. I also have two Audigy2 ZS cards in a drawer.. Instructions and drivers can be found here:

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I’ll eventually add a Dreamblaster to my Vortex2 card and see how that sound. Additionally, it adds the digital PCM audio output to the signal.

Finally, there is no PNP or software selectable resource settings, the jumper layout of the original Sound Blaster 16s is used.

The best awe644 for the problem is to use another card for MIDI. Whether the existing bit signals are upconverted to bit or extra bits are just tacked on is unknown. Closest comparison I think would be to an SC, but it doesn’t sound exactly the same, just pretty close.

The AWE32 came in many varieties, starting with the CT, but there are several basic cards which a vintage computer enthusiast should consider. The SIMM sockets on these boards are usually very cheap and the retaining tabs can break easily.


Any game using LucasArts iMuse system may be subject to it. Personally, I’d go with the Yamaha card and the Dreamblaster X2, but if you can find an AWE64 for less, that’s pretty much as good in the general case. To upgrade the RAM, you had to purchase aw6e4, proprietary Creative daughterboards. It appears that Creative had integrated these functions into the large QFP chip on the CT, whether ch4500 functionality was lost is unknown.

Sound Blaster AWE64 – Wikipedia

It offers a similar feature set, but also has a few notable improvements. The adapter came in two variants: Are you sure CT is called SB32? Only the former are addressed here. I need to take notes.

Instructions and drivers can be found here: This site hosts no abandonware. Board index All times are UTC. Unfortunately, during this card’s time, the issue of compatibility with older legacy DOS applications accessing PCI audio cards had not been ideally addressed. I haven’t found much saying what doesn’t support NMI, just that the BX does support it and you should get one of those.


Creative Worldwide Support > Sound Blaster AWE64

Some sites claim that it possesses a bit high quality DAC, but that is not quite correct. They even use the same 2-pin header. Why get an AWE32?

As you know it’s hard into find much info on the older stuff It requires its own drivers. This not only demands more processing ase64 from the host system, but also is not of equal quality to available SoundFonts. Views Read Edit View history. The non-Gold AWE64s are cards where you have to do this. Interesting info – thank you very much for that!!!

I miss the old days.

Creative AWE64 ISA (CT4500) Sound Card

A third version that arrived later, was designed around the PCI bus. It is an exception to the almost universal rule that a CT chip on-board means that the board is not a PNP board. Retrieved from ” https: