But I got black screen on the monitor. While 3DMark is running, the system hangs during tests or sometimes gets the error message “process exited unexpectedly”. To activate the front mic: Start to install the operating system. Change another LAN cable.

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After updating to Service Pack 2, the function of dual monitors does not work. Sorry for your inconvenience. After updating the BIOS, the default of BIOS will be loaded with stable setting and the system runs with slower speed to secure the first boot runs successfully. The Hybrid Booster features supported on each models are a little different. Please load the BIOS default settings and then save 93nf4g-vsta settings.

All in 1 driver. You do not need to adjust any settings in the BIOS. Set the item “Boot From Network” to “Enable”.

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Here are some examples, please refer to the user manual for details. I feel that the speed of USB is slower. Please update the C-Media audio driver 8.


Please follow the steps below to set up your system. How could I turn them 939nf4g-vstta What could I try? How do I get my onboard LAN to work properly?

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I found two digits or letters changing at the right bottom corner during POST screen. It shows that the Vcore will decrease with the CPU loading increasing. But in the BIOS setting, this option adrock showed as gray and can not change the setting.

I am a P4i48 user.


You can read the detailed explanation of each team type below. While 3DMark is running, the system hangs during tests or sometimes gets the error message “process exited unexpectedly”.

Press “F10” to Exit Utility. How do I get WiFi function work lxn my system resumes from sleep mode on X platform? The system will start to format the floppy diskette and copy SATA drivers into the floppy diskette.

What kind of memory should I use?

Under the current PC memory addressing, there is a memory area just below 4. Which one should I select? I have a P4i65PE motherboard. How do I set the Teaming function and combine both onboard LANs to be a team with more bandwidth in my system?


What is the difference between them?

What is the difference between Asrock NF4G-VSTA and NF4G-SATA2 motherboard

Then turn on the power supply’s AC switch. ASRock also offers the hot key “Home” to enable Flexibility. Right-click the Menu button.

Please remove the in-box driver and remove the r LAN driver by following command. After installation is completed, reboot the system and open Intel Rapid Storage Technology. You could refer to the following steps for try. During reboot, please press “F11” to enter Boot Menu.