Try and look at your VST connections. I can’t believe that. Make sure the input is set up for the IO2. The problem is that my Alesis io2 isn’t in that list. I don’t think I am stupid, so I must be doing something wrong!

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I don’t think I am stupid, so I must be doing something wrong! Like Tweet Submit Email. Here’s what I’ve done so far: An experienced support agent can assist you over the phone.

Choose one for every channel you have or need.

Wes Williamson April 25, Alesis io2 Express Post by mr. Now to learn how to use it better. I’ve tried it through fruityloops and it works fine. The more you learn, the easier it gets to figure out these sort of problems.

The settings are correct as far as I know. In the end ip2 just returned the damn piece of crap. Hi all, I just bought an alesis io2 for my athlon64 laptop, and I am having some problems. I found that I could record with the io2 using Audacity.


And they claim near 0 latency?! But cubase doesn’t let it do it’s job for some reason – even with the asio4all I can’t pick up anything through it.

The iO2 Express is a class-compliant audio interface, which means it asil work with any version of Windows without the use of drivers. Or should I sell the io2 and just go with the Line 6 Guitar Port? I am wondering though what other persistent problems were you having? How does it work now?

I must be doing something wrong or just stupid! I can see the levels change on the unit when I hit the guitar.

Let me know how it works out for you. Tried a little io with asio4all and I am not having any problem yet. You could try using ASIO4all www. How to set up the Alesis io2 on Cubase LE5.

Have you found any other solution than asio4all?

alesis io2 & asio – Audiofanzine

That should do it. Eventually Cubase may find the Alesis as the designated recording device but I don’t know. I’ve linked this below for your convenience: I’ll be happy to help!


Overview Topics Products People Change log. Alesis io2 Express For users of legacy Steinberg Cubase software. If you do oo2 any issues with connecting the iO2 Express to your computer, we do have an ASIO driver on our website that can resolve this for you.

If you are using your computer sound card, then that should be selected as the output. Community-powered support for Alesis. Total newbie, and got a problem.