It is often possible to know when an instrument-specific event might occur. However, if possible, it is better to use Serial Poll or Service Request. If your commands are not dependent on each other, no special command synchronization is necessary. Send the output of the waveform acquisition to a LP 2nd order Butterworth filter with a cutoff of 10Hz. This approach minimizes the instrument control communication because there are no additional queries performed to the instrument.

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For the purposes of this application note, we want VISA to maintain a queue of service requests. I’m getting the exact same error. Additional references noted at the end of this document use these other APIs.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

It is often possible to know when an instrument-specific event might occur. Therefore, the labvuew available bit is set to true after the first measurement data is completed. When you query, the “request service” bit is not cleared.

A query interrupted message comes from the machine itself so probably nthing is wrong with the communication but you started a second query before the first one was finished. The instrument returns a weighted sum of the register bits. Does the spectrum peak shift as you would expect?


using agilent a with labview – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

First, there is no soft front panel, as the HP A can be controlled from it’s hardware front panel. This application note describes the instrument status registers, which are used to set up the instrument for asynchronous communication.

It includes a “Function Panel”. Noticed that you are using serial port to communicate to instrument.

This file 33102a be found in the vxipnpwin95hpa directory. For example, if you are taking a multimeter measurement, an overload condition occurs only after an instrument takes a measurement. Each setup has the page Users Guide for your study. However, it is only applicable for query synchronization, where you are waiting for data to become available.

However, to more efficiently process commands, many high-performance instruments can process commands in parallel. Any ideas on what may be the problem? Instead of performing the read operation immediately after the write operation, a better solution is to ensure that data is available before reading. A service request is a hardware 3320a an instrument uses to notify the host computer that certain events or conditions occurred on agiletn instrument.

Query synchronization involves first sending a query command to your instrument. You can be notified of the occurrence of an event in the status byte register by either querying the status byte register or by a service request. For the sake of efficiency, let’s say you’re avilent to show us something from each of the 8 sections; we will gailent a subset of of the items. Let’s look at the situation where an instrument-specific event may or may not occur.


Like the Standard Event Status Enable Register, instrument-specific enable registers define which bits in the corresponding event register are logically ORed together to form a single summary bit.

Keysight Instrument Drivers | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

You may also need to include the visa. Frequency Domain Function Menu.

This application note describes situations and solutions that use instrument status registers with service request or polling techniques to handle situations where simple VISA write and read operations are not sufficient for robust instrument control. If you can give me list of the VI’s that you are passing in order i can take a look. Can you trigger a single sweep? Performing a query clears the bits in the register, with one notable exception. Become familiar with the Menus of the A.